Wossner Volkswagen Golf Gti Mk1 & Mk2 1.8 8v High Comp Forged Piston Kit

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Bore Size: 81.5mm - K9028D050
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This Wossner VW Golf Gti Mk1 & Mk2 1.8 8v High Comp Forged Piston Kit includes the following components:

- 4x Wossner Forged Pistons
- Piston Rings
- Pins and Clips


Build years: 1982 - 1989
Engine Code: 1P/ 2H/ ABS/ ADZ/ GU/ GX/ HV/ JV/ DS/ DZ/ EV/ GZ/ KT/ HAT/ JH/ PB
Engine Type: 1.8 8v
Bore Size: 81.5mm, 81mm, 82.5mm, 82mm, 83.5mm, 83mm
Stroke: 86.4mm
Compression Height: 32.3mm
OEM Comp Ratio: 10.0:1
Number of Rings: 3
Clip Part Number: CW20
Pin Part Number: WP052
Cylinders: 4
Valves Per Cylinder: 2

These pistons will fit both stock and aftermarket forged rods so are ideal for both engine repairs and forged engine builds.

Wossner are innovative specialists for high performance pistons. Wossner products can be found in engines operating at the highest levels of motor sport, in competition and, of course, in everyday use - in fact, anywhere where longevity and operational noise are important factors.

Wossner products are the source of the superior power behind the success of well known motor sport teams at national and international race meets regarded by many as being the piston of choice when building a high performance engine, Wossner forged pistons are more then able to withstand the stresses and pressures of competition and fast road life.

Wossner pistons are manufactured from a high yield 4032 alloy which has low expansion under temperature. This allows closer piston to bore clearances reducing piston noise. Wossner pistons also feature a unique graphite based coating on the skirts which aids the bedding in procedure. The versatile nature of Wossner pistons is well documented.

The huge range covers virtually every known performance vehicle available in both Europe and Japan as well as fitments unique to Wossner. This allows the user the flexibility to adapt their engine to suit new attributes that were not always fitted by the manufacturer e.g forced induction.

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