EUROMOTIV Programmable Tuning Box Kit - Porsche 991.2 3.0L TT 16+

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EUROMOTIV is proud to introduce you its brand new kind of add-on box for the 2016+ Porsche 911 991.2 3.0L Twin Turbo. With a brand new outlook, a durable and absolutely waterproof shell, this new product will please you. This add-on box will be delivered already set according to your vehicle details so that you will get the announced power. By external adjustments, it is also possible to choose different modes depending on your desires. This provides a unique feeling for all kinds of driving.

Our ECU Tuning Box is provided with AMP plugs (high quality plugs used by the automobile manufacturers). To improve our add-on boxes reaction time, these boxes use the last generation ultra fast micro controllers. Those micro controllers transfer immediately the data to the ECU.

Within a deceptively simple unit, both in terms of look and connection, the Programmable ECU Tuning Box encloses state of the art technology and materials especially formulated for the constraints of automobile use. A thorough approach for maximum efficiency all Tuning Box units are equipped with connectors that are OEM compliant. If the connectors are not available direct from the manufacturer, they will be made in compliance with specifications that are every bit as stringent as the constructor?s.

Unlike some other competing products, computer connectors are never used, as these are not suitable for the demands of the automobile sector. The ECU Tuning Box connectors are secured, i.e. you cannot possibly connect them the wrong way round.

This tuning box connects between the original engine control unit (ECU) and your car?s injection system. The tuning box intercepts data from the ECU, optimizes it and then sends the newly modified parameters to the pump. Only the amount and the duration of the injections are modified, and NEVER the injection or turbo pressure, which remains set at the standards laid down by the constructor. Of course, connection is carried out using OEM compliant connectors, and does not require any adjustment or soldering. If the Tuning Box electronics detect the least operating problem, the system will immediately return to the original configuration. So rest assured, your engine never runs the risk of stalling.

In addition to give you added driving pleasure and flexibility, the add-on unit, in the same driving conditions, reduces your vehicle?s fuel consumption. Due to the increased torque, to reach the same speed you don?t need to press so hard on the accelerator, so your consumption naturally decreases.

It goes without saying that with our tuning box, all of the other functions of the control setup (ABS, ESP, on-board computer, etc.) remain active.

Turbo protection along with all other original safety systems remains operational. If the Programmable ECU Tuning Box electronics detect the least operating problem, the system will automatically return to the original configuration. The injection pressure continues to be regulated by the original computer, in compliance with the engine speed, and therefore the accelerator pedal. The turbo pressure continues to be regulated by the original computer. The turbo is therefore never subjected to mechanical stresses any greater than those of origin. To ensure discretion, once you remove the unit, no trace of it will be found in the motor or the original computer memory. The Tuning Box only connects with original connectors designed for the automobile market, and never using computer connectors. Correct contact and sealing are therefore guaranteed.

Programmable Features:

    • Unlock Keypad:
      • Press and Hold buttons (+) and (-) for 3 seconds to unlock the keypad.
    • Choosing a Program:
      • Press button (P) to choose between three preset programs. A LED-light shows you the selected program.
    • Program Modifications:
      • By pressing buttons (+/-) you can increase (+) or reduce (-) the performance (power curve) of the selected program.
      • Each power curve can be increased ore reduced up/down to three stages.
      • A LED-light indicates how many steps you increase (RED) or reduce (Green) the power curve.
    • The factory setting corresponds to the basic setting of the Performance Pack and the power curve (PROG 1-LED lit. LEDs (+/-) do not light up.)

      Activation / Deactivation / Saving Settings
      • Press and Hold button (P) for 1 second to deactivate the Performance Pack.
      • The current program and settings are saved automatically.
      • Press ANY button to activate the Performance Pack with the last program and setings.
      U/M Original Tuned Increase
      + 47 hp
      368 lb-ft
      437 lb-ft
      + 93 lb-ft

      Each Tuning Box Kit has been engineered and tested to work in even the most extreme environments of altitude, temperature, and driving conditions. 

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