Audi S4 13-16 Door Handle Cup Paint Protection Lamin-X


Even the smallest details matter to you. One of the most prone areas to get scratched and scuffed from keys or fingernails is your door cup area. You can now prevent and stop that scuffing and scratching by protecting the paint with the Lamin-X Door Cup Paint Protection. Made of the same material used for Clear Bras, Lamin-X Door Cup Paint Protection film will keep your door cups looking like new, without changing the appearance Precut for your vehicle for easy installation.

Audi S4 B8 13-16 Door Handle Cup paint protection. Do you want to protect the inside area of your door handles from fingernails or key scraping? Then protect your Door Handle Cups with The Lamin-X pre-cut Door Handle Cup protection film. It applies directly underneath your door handle onto the paint with The Lamin-X adhesive-backed invisible poly-urethane film. Easy installation and a 5 year guaranty. Quite possibly the best investment you will make toward protecting your vehicle.

  • Transparent protection film that adheres onto your paint
  • Protects against scratches or scuffing
  • Precut for both sides of your vehicles door cup areas
  • 8 mils thick with high gloss, scratch resistant surface
  • Includes DIY instructions and tools, Made in USA, 5-year warranty

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